Helping You Let Go of What’s Holding You Back

Release Negative Energy Holding You Back


  • Have you felt like there is something bigger than you getting in way of your success and happiness?
  • Are you feeling stuck, yet logically there should be nothing stopping you from reaching your goals.
  • Do you have repeating issues at work, with your performance or the ability to focus?
  • Have you wondered if there is a “family curse” or even feel that something is holding you back?

It is very possible that the reason you are not able to concentrate, focus on your goals, make forward motion, and get to a place where you are satisfied is because something is interfering. Likely it’s something internal, that you’re not consciously aware of, or external. What, we do not yet know but I promise that in these healing and impactful sessions you will become more aware of what may be hijacking your success and happiness.

It could be that there’s negative energy around you. This is not far-fetched as we are all made up of energy and energy cannot be destroyed, only transmuted. Energy exists in a multi-dimensional manner which means that many times the negativity that you may be experiencing is not even of this this 3D Earth realm. This means you can’t see, hear, smell or touch it. However, it is still very real and you know that something is off.

As a naturally intuitive person, I am able to feel into the energy of places, people and situations. I bring this ability into your energy clearing and alignment session, offering you the opportunity to heal and release what’s holding you back.

 Free Up Your Energy!


Often we experience low energy, confusion, an inability to maintain consistent action, inner frustration, upset, have unresolved trauma or pain which seems to lock us in a loop that we can’t logically explain, therefore can’t escape. This healing experience goes far deeper than anything that can be accomplished via the mind. We’ll be going to the heart of the issue.

Energy Clearing & Alignment Coaching will help provide relief for the above situations.

From executives to leaders, managers, professionals or simply anyone who is feeling stuck or the negative influence of something outside of themself. Energy Clearing and & Alignment Coaching can be a pathway to relief and greater awareness.

You deserve to live the life you desire and feel Free!

Personal or business situations can be cleared with great success. In this process you’ll be tapping into your subconscious and learning from it’s vast knowing.  I look forward to sharing more about this process in a complimentary discovery call.


During your Energy Clearing sessions you will enter a safe and relaxed state where I will guide you to connect with people and events that are relevant to the situation you want to change. We’’ll begin with a centering exercise followed by an auric cleanse (cleansing your energetic field called the aura). As I lead you through this exploration, you will be able to identify what is getting in the way of you achieving your desired goal.

  • This may be conflicting aspects of your own self and psyche. We’ll be able to identify what is holding you back and quickly achieve a resolution that will empower you.
  • Sometimes this interference can be family members or others who passed and have not yet transitioned into the light. Their messages need to be heard for them to feel comfortable to transition. This process will help them do that, thus leaving your energy field.
  • Other times, negative influences may have found you and attached (energetically) to you. We will find out why they selected you and encourage them into the light. This removes the attachment and pressure you feel.

Our work through this clearing involves working with our partners in the Angelic realm. All is handled in a safe, careful, graceful, and honoring manner. Sessions may be in-person (pending location) or are successfully accomplished virtually.

Once the clearings are complete, you will be positioned for success through Alignment Coaching. These sessions will help you integrate new awareness and empower you to you move forward with renewed energy and clarity.



Energy Clearing & Alignment
Energy Clearing and Alignment | Clear Insights Coaching


The Clearing – Primer (one month program)

  • 2-hour foundation begins with an intake and your first energy clearing
  • One week later, a second energy clearing session
  • The Primer completes with a 50-minute Alignment Coaching session to empower you forward in weeks 3-4

Investment: $555.00

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The Clearing – Reboot (two month program)

  • 2-hour foundation begins with an intake and your first energy clearing
  • One week later, a second energy clearing session
  • Weeks 3-5 include a third  energy clearing and 50-minute Alignment Coaching session
  • The Reboot completes a final energy clearing and 50-minute Alignment Coaching session in weeks 6-8

Investment:  $1111.00

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Additional Energy Clearing sessions may be purchased for $188.00

Additional Alignment Coaching sessions may be purchased for $144.00

* Energy clearing sessions are 1 hour long


Scott was calm and grounded throughout my session. I felt he was fully present with me and I had 100% trust in his ability to facilitate my energy clearing. He has just the right balance of professional direction and questioning engagement. Wherever my session took me he was there with me allowing me time to feel and reply whilst keeping me present with poignant questions, feedback and check-ins. It is as though he was born to do this type of guided facilitation of energy clearing. I feel transformed after the session – lighter, more joyful and with more agency in my actions and thoughts. I wanted my drive and excitement back and although it is early days yet it sure feels as though I now have all that back again. Thank you, Scott!

Derryn S.

United Kingdom

Prior to the sessions, I felt less energetic and had trouble focusing on important tasks. I thought that taking more rest would help. It didn’t. I found the process to be very healing and relaxing. After the clearing, I am more focused and feel that something which was blocking my energy has been released. Now I’m recharged and  taking action on items which I’ve delayed for a long time. Overall I feel great and highly recommend this energy clearing session.

Samer T.

Chicago, IL USA