Accomplish More in 10 Minutes a Day

It's all about time management. If we do not manage our time those minutes and hours slip by. Here's a way to do more, enjoy what you’re doing and reduce stress. When I was young, I have fond memories of visiting my grandparent’s home. I remember being fascinated with my grandfather as he was...

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Soulful Creation During COVID-19

The summer of 2020 is unlike any other. Gone are overseas vacations, baseball games, concerts, festivals and fairs, farmers markets and even going to the cinema. These are only a few activities that we may have had on our calendar and taken for granted in the past. Instead of going somewhere and...

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Create Your Personal Branding Statement

You are in the job market again. It's important that your resume is noticed. One way to ensure this is to have a personal branding statement which stands out. Picture this, you are a hiring manager and over 20 resumes have landed on your desk or inbox. You're already busy and understand the...

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Slowing it All Down, On Retreat

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world it can be easy to forget that we don’t need to be connected at all times. Only a few years ago, we weren’t nearly as connected as we are today. It's not uncommon to be posting pictures to friends and family in real time while on a vacation. Gone are the...

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Putting Adventure Into Your Life

Over the years I have worked with many clients who recognized that they needed to put some adventure into their lives. Each person was different; however they shared common themes of desiring excitement, increased energy and a chance to refresh. They could also be found complaining about being...

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Leading From The Heart

I am always amazed at how many companies will promote a person into a new leadership role without training or support. Having the title of supervisor, manager or director is very nice and the idea that the person is a leader even better, however, the sad reality is that the majority of...

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Four Commitments of My Expatriate Assignment

Seated in the hotel restaurant, on the first day of my expatriate assignment in Kuwait, I was having breakfast with the regional director. He gazed out the window at the Arabian Gulf and then turned to me. “Do you like sunshine?”  Not knowing him, I thought that was a strange question, but said...

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Loving Versus Liking What You Do

I recall this quote: "If you can be successful doing something you don't love, imagine how successful you can be doing something you love?" - author unknown. It has stayed with me because it is so true. When I reflect on my own career I related very well with this because while I was successful in...

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