Over the years I have worked with many clients who recognized that they needed to put some adventure into their lives. Each person was different; however they shared common themes of desiring excitement, increased energy and a chance to refresh. They could also be found complaining about being unhappy, working too many hours or realizing that life had become far too predictable and routine. These are all signs that a change is needed. Here are five insights to initiate this change with ease. All of them are designed to help put adventure into your life.

  • Learn something new
  • Ask “what am I missing?”
  • Discover your home with a newcomer’s mind
  • Take a vacation in an afternoon
  • Plan a major travel experience

Learning something new is a great way to put adventure in your life. Where I live we receive brochures highlighting adult education classes and workshops in local colleges and community centers. The variety is endless and each time I skim these I find many that would be interesting. In recent years I have attended classes related to foreign languages, public speaking, personal finance, and renting out a vacation property. What I enjoy most about learning is that the new topics push me outside of my comfort zone. Approaching these classes with a beginner’s mind is exciting and fun. Another benefit is that are able to meet new people.

Be brave and ask “what am I missing?” This simple question can create tremendous awareness with any situation. If you are frustrated and bored, ask and be open to receive the answers that come to you. This insight has worked for many clients by allowing them to explore possibilities. When asking “what am I missing?” and then acting on the answers clients find that doors open and adventures unfold for each one of them. Taking action is a critical step here, as it is with all of the insights.

Janet is an expatriate client, originally from the UK, and has lived for years in the Middle East then moved to Vienna, Austria. She shares her insight of exploring Vienna with a beginner’s mind which has become quite an adventurous experience. In an effort to learn the layout of the city Janet experimented taking different subway lines. She gets off at a new stop, walks around the neighborhood then finds a coffee shop to read and relax prior to the trip home. While she is a newcomer in her city you don’t have to be. Take a look at all the local events happening around you and jump in. Possibly there is a festival, social or volunteer event that is right around the corner. For many of us it seems to be the case; easy to do can be easily overlooked. Remember, putting adventure in our lives does not mean that we have to go around world. Sometimes it is right next door.

Take a vacation in one afternoon. This insight is a favorite of successful entrepreneur, Karen. She is busy and often finds herself working too many hours in her home office. When she feels the need to refresh her energy Karen likes to shake things up by going to a 5-star resort near her home where she spends the afternoon by their large pool. It is a rejuvenating experience where she orders a delicious lunch, reads a book and listens to the steel drum band play. She enjoys being outdoors, catered to and near the water. Karen says, “I feel like I’ve been on vacation for week and it’s only been an afternoon!”

My favorite insight is to plan a major travel experience. Travel is transformational and can become the perfect catalyst to live an adventurous life as we move from one adventure to the next. There are four phases to this insight.

  • The trip planning phase is where we research where we want to go, learn about the destination and then commit by booking the trip. This is exciting and it is fun to put an event on the calendar to work towards.
  • As time nears we are reviewing our packing list, purchasing needed items and getting ready for departure. Anticipation builds until it is time to leave.
  • Travel is a chance to invite transformation. This is easy to do by setting an intention for the experience. Give the vacation a theme and ask yourself the following questions: what you would like to experience? Where would you like some clarity in your life? During your vacation let these questions percolate. A new environment is the perfect opportunity to receive the answers. It would be handy to bring a journal to jot down any thoughts or reflections that may surface.
  • After you return it is the perfect time to integrate awareness that has been created. Notice what priorities may have shifted for you. What were the answers to those questions and your intention? Review your journal entries and pay attention to any doodling or notes that you may have made in the margins. For this reason it is recommended to purchase a quality journal that inspires you to write. Doing so gives your insights the permanence they deserve.

These insights are only a sampler to help you begin exercising your adventure muscles. As you experiment, you will find one or two options which will be perfect for you. If it feels good do it. If not, leave it and try something else. You will know what feels right as you will be energized, rejuvenated and have an increased zest for life.

Putting adventure into your life is effortless when viewed as a daily commitment. Pay attention to what you feel. Notice as you begin to want to see, learn and do more. You may find that this excitement is contagious and that you have become an inspiration for others to start exercising their own adventure muscles. Have fun living your adventure.

Scott Masciarelli, PCC, is a professional certified coach with business and leadership experience in the United States, Latin America, and Middle East. His global perspective is defined through visiting over 80 countries and working abroad. Scott has guided hundreds of clients to create and sustain success by showing them how to align their strengths with their most authentic selves.