You are in the job market again. It is highly important that your resume stands out and is noticed. Part of this is your personal branding statement.

Picture this, you are a hiring manager and have a sea of resumes which have landed on your desk or inbox. These have been filtered by the HR department’s talent management system after looking for certain keywords, phrases and points which they have identified as important for the open position. Fortunately, your resume is one of the ones that has made the first cut. Now it becomes even more important to impress and to stand out from the others so that you get called for… the interview.

Yes, the resume is only the first step of the goal to get the interview. It would be during this face to face time that you can truly shine and let the prospective employer know how great you are and what you can contribute to their organization.

In this list of names and pile of resumes you want to be sure that you stand out. To stand out your personal brand should be as unique as possible. It should accurately reflect who you are and be as unique as you are. Yes, you are unique and brilliant.

A branding statement is an effective promise of the quality you intend to deliver to the employer. At the top of your resume, you will want to make such a promise through a creative slogan that captures the essence of your skills combined with your personality and passion and the needs in the market you can fill.

A Branding Statement should consider the following:

  • How are you different from others seeking the position?
  • What are some of your unique accomplishments?
  • What trait stands out to all that know you?
  • What benefits do you offer to the company?
  • What character qualities do you possess?


You should now write your personal branding statement. It should reflect you. When you read it, you should be saying to yourself “this is me” and smile. Write a one sentence branding statement that communicates the quality and kind of work you offer your potential employers.

Rate your branding statement.

5-Very well 4-Well 3-Somewhat 2-Barely 1-Very little or not at all

  1. Does the statement communicate uniqueness?
  2. Does the statement present an accomplishment or skill?
  3. Does the statement highlight personality traits?
  4. Does the statement indicate potential benefits?

How did you do? If you are like me you had to go back several times to rewrite your branding statement so that you can mark 5’s in each category. This is normal and it does take practice to get it right. It’s a fine balance which captures the uniqueness of you while taking in account what the hiring organization wants.

To reiterate, your goal is to stand out, be different and create the feeling of value all to get that interview where you will WOW them!



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