You are in the job market again. It’s important that your resume is noticed. One way to ensure this is to have a personal branding statement which stands out.

Picture this, you are a hiring manager and over 20 resumes have landed on your desk or inbox. You’re already busy and understand the importance of reviewing the resumes to fill the position, at the same time, dread the process. These resumes have been short-listed by the HR department’s talent management system which filtered certain keywords, phrases and experience regarded as necessary for the position.

You want to get them thinking, “if we had this person working with us, what would be possible?”

Attention spans are shrinking. This means that even with a well-constructed resume few are going to read to the bottom of the first page unless you’ve given them a good reason in the first minute or less. Some studies show the time spent reviewing a resume is as low as 6 seconds. I advise clients to consider how they can make it easier on the hiring team. You want them to spend more than just a few seconds on your resume. This can be done by adding white space, highlighting key words at the top and using a branding statement.

A powerful branding statement helps someone learn a lot about you in a short period of time. It should be compelling enough to make them want to read further and learn more.

Get Noticed

The goal of the resume is to get you noticed so that you’re invited to begin the interview process. It’s during these conversations that you can truly shine and let the prospective employer know how you can contribute to their organization. To stand out, your personal brand should be as complete and intriguing as possible. It should accurately reflect your unique abilities and contribution. You want to get them thinking, “if we had this person working with us what would be possible?”

A branding statement is an effective promise of the quality you intend to deliver to the employer. At the top of your resume, you could make such a promise through a creative statement that captures the essence of your skills combined with your passion and the needs in the market you can fill. This can be stand alone or embedded in the summary section of your resume. It can also be used on your LinkedIn profile as a headline and featured in the About section.


Answer these questions and look for similarities in the answers. You may find words which repeat such as innovative, inspiring, collaborative, global. A couple of those may make it into your branding statement.

  • How are you different from others seeking the position?
  • What are your unique accomplishments?
  • What benefits could you offer the company?
  • What character qualities and traits do you possess?
  • How do others describe you?

Once you have answers, begin writing your one sentence branding statements. Consider the job you’re applying for and aim for a match between you and the organization’s need. The statement should communicate your quality of work, unique selling points and character so that a potential employer is motivated to call you for an interview.

Once you have a few versions of your branding statement, rate each by scoring against the below questions.

5-Very well 4-Well 3-Somewhat 2-Barely 1-Very little or not at all

  1. Does the statement communicate your unique abilities?
  2. Does the statement mention your skills?
  3. Does the statement highlight personality traits?
  4. Does the statement indicate value and benefits?
  5. Does the statement fit the needs of the position and the organization?

How did you do?

If you are like me you had to go back several times to rewrite your statement until you can mark 5’s in each category. This is normal. It takes practice to get it right and it’s ever-evolving, just as you are. You’re looking for that edge which captures the best of you while taking into account what the hiring organization needs.

Your personal branding statement conveys the best of you. When you read it, you should be smiling and say, “yes, this is me!” If this is not the case, continue revising until you had a hell yes this is me!  


Speak their language. If I’m speaking English and you’re speaking Japanese we’re not going to understand each other. If we’re speaking the same language communication and understanding is much easier. By knowing the organization’s culture and mission you will be able to choose words which accurately reflect you and resonate with them. This creates ease, interest and understanding. It helps you to get noticed. 

Don’t be shy. Imagine you’re going in for a major medical operation. You want the best, most confident surgeon, don’t you? You don’t want a timid surgeon. In your personal branding statement express your confidence and be your best. That gets you noticed.

Ask yourself this question, if I only have one sentence to introduce myself, does this statement convey all I want someone to know about me? Continue revising and see if you can become not only satisfied but excited by your branding statement.

The better it feels the more confidence and clarity you’re going to have talking about your skills and accomplishments in the interview. Once you receive that call or email, to schedule an interview, celebrate your resume. It did its job and allowed you to stand out.

Have fun with this and drop me a message on the success you have creating your personal branding statement.

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