Harmonic Career Coaching offers you an insightful look into what drives and satisfies you. We’ll understand how all of your skills, competencies, interests and passions can be blended together into work which honors all of you.

We leverage the power of your heart, which generates 60x more electricity than your brain, creating ease, clarity of direction and satisfaction in your career.

“Scott was really helpful in guiding me through a process to understand where I wanted to take my career. I’m now feeling more assured and confident about my future. I found it a really valuable experience.” Louise C., USA

You are more than your resumé and not the same person you were last year, never mind five or ten years ago.

Therefore, your professional life must evolve with you. Together, we’ll create success on your terms.

We begin by building a strong foundation for you to know you.

  • A strengths assessment renowned for its accuracy and ability to highlight your natural talents
  • Insightful conversations which connect you with your dreams, talents and passions. Together we’ll put your best self forward.
  • Impactful accessments which reveal your most authentic self and how to create a thriving life.
  • Improve your confidence so that you’re ready for your next promotion or career transition.
  • Create Success on Your Terms through the clarity you receive.

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Resume Bootcamp

We will overhaul your resume and LinkedIn profile to align with your most authentic, marketable talents and skills. This helps to increase your confidence and get you noticed.

  • Collaborative editing sessions where, line-by-line, we create a powerful resume which showcases your best self.
  • Quantify achievements, include keywords and other essentials to get you past the HR screening software and in front of the hiring manager.
  • Refresh  Linked In messaging.

$697.00  – 4 sessions

$997.00 – 6 sessions

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Half-Day Get Clear Intensive

A 4.5-hour intensive providing you with valuable insight into how to live in alignment with your innate talents and strengths for ease and confidence in all you do.

  • Session pre-work including a vision document and powerful strengths assessment.
  • 90-minute activity revealing your most Authentic Self in 6 key areas of your life complete with a mind map.
  • Review of the strength assessment, uncovering blind spots and insights on how to leverage your strengths.
  • Complete with a 1-hour coaching session to integrate your learning and define next steps.


Interview Bootcamp

This three session boot camp includes interview role play and feedback to improve your confidence and prepare you for success.

  • 3, 75-minute sessions where I am both your interviewer and coach.
  • You provide the job-description and any other company material as well as your resume.
  • In our debrief, I share feedback on your answers and provide tips on how to craft powerful, concise responses.
  • We’ll focus on areas for development to improve confidence in your responses and approach to the interview.


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There are options for one of the structured programs above to a customized career coaching program to your specific needs.

Through this process you will connect with your intrigues, values, strengths and natural talents. This is an introspective and enlightening process which will provide you with the clearest idea of who you are and what work is best suited for you so that you are challenged, satisfied and thrive.

Connect more deeply to your passions, strengths and natural talents.

In addition, we will cover all of the practical items in standard career coaching such as:  

• Resume editing so that you get the interview call from HR

• Cover letter writing so that your message gets noticed

• Editing your LinkedIn profile for powerful impact

• Interview practice to prepare you for the ideal position

Resume - Clear Insights Coaching

“Scott helped me to orient my career in the direction that supports the life I envision”
– Rob, Director, U.S. Government

“Things are going really great for me. The job is great! They love me and I love what I am doing. I owe it to your coaching for helping me see and believe in myself.”
C. Fox, Architect

“Working with Scott has helped me to develop a focus on my career paths and decisions. Through his structured counsel, I’ve been able to develop my own motivating themes for what I find to be engaging in my career and to build upon my strengths. Scott coached me towards developing more effective messaging about where I can go in my agency which is building a migration path to a rewarding career.”
 James P., Director, U.S. Government 

“When transitioning to my new expat assignment, Scott supported me in many ways to get prepared, reflect and see new opportunities that are ahead of me. Though I am working as a HR Consultant, my biggest learning in all discussions with Scott was, that we are never done with learning. New thoughts, ideas and an open mind came out of the coaching sessions. During the calls I have realized the full potential of coaching and benefits for myself of having been able to reflect on my career path.”
– G. Schaffer, Jamaica