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I’m Scott Masciarelli and I am passionate about helping you amplify your leadership presence and impact. From supervisors to executives, learn how to leverage strengths, communicate with confidence and improve performance.

Executive Leadership Coaching to unlock creativity and innovation and improve wellness and performance.


Individual coaching for executives, managers and high potentials. Coaching expands the leader’s awareness, inspires creativity and innovation and improves his or her contribution and impact. Step into the best version of you as a leader as you improve ways to communicate, delegate, empower, manage priorities and drive performance.


Improve performance and productivity by team and group coaching


Training, Facilitation and Team and Group coaching are all excellent ways to enhance performance, collaboration and engagement. By focusing on what’s working and the strengths of each member, work cultures can change. Example areas of focus: communication, engagement, creating trust, delegating, recognition and strategic planning. Training & Coaching creates tremendous ROI for the organization and individual.


Energy Clearing & Alignment | Clear Insights Coaching


As a leader, you’ve reached a level of professional success. However, if there’s an area in life that’s off balance: health, relationship, self-worth or you’re experiencing low energy; this program will help you. Executive Wellness coaching begins with a clearing of your inner landscape to shift your outer world. This inside-out approach and coaching restores balance to your mind, body and spirit.


Communicate with Confidence & Ease

Learn how to end overwhelm and improve impact by leveraging all of your body’s intelligence. The clearest insights come when we’ve aligned our mind and heart to create inner harmony.

As you develop your strengths and connect with your most authentic self, communication, confidence, team dynamics and organizational results are expected to improve.

The time is now to embrace an easier way to lead in all areas of life and to improve all relationships, beginning with your relationship with you. 

“Scott helped me see things in an entirely different way which I found illuminating.”
~Executive Client 

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Meet Scott Masciarelli


Scott Masciarelli, MCC, is a Master Certified Leadership and Business Coach with experience in the United States, Latin America, Africa and Middle East. His global perspective is enhanced by visiting over 80 countries and working abroad. Scott has guided hundreds of clients to create and sustain success by showing them how to align their strengths with their most authentic selves. This allows them to answer the question, “what’s next?” in their career, business and life; achieving success on their terms.

He inspires leaders to step into their full power and potential by aligning their heads with their heart. This action creates ripples of harmony, starting with the leader and extending out into their organization.

His clients include leaders from multinational companies, government, small business, and entrepreneurs. Scott’s diverse experience and expertise in domestic and international leadership creates a unique and dynamic learning environment. He is multilingual and is a contributing author to two books.

Scott lives in the metro Washington, DC area and inspires transformation through a multifaceted approach and a variety of interventions. His passion for travel and adventure often takes him to remote corners of the world looking for an active adventure in the mountains. There he treks, engages with local people and connects with nature. This provides an opportunity to rejuvenate and recharge; an important part of self-care.

Executive Leadership Coaching with Scott Masciarelli

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