Harmonic Leadership

Lead with Confidence & Ease

 First 100 Days

Supporting New Leaders

 Lead Differently In Your First 100 Days

This targeted leadership coaching program serves both newly promoted and experienced leaders with changing roles and responsibilities. Your leadership experience is very similar to an adventure. Adventures are exciting, challenging and have periods of unknown, opportunities for celebration and require planning and strategy to succeed.

You face all of this and more everyday as a leader.

When the rules of the game change you need someone who can help you strategize the best way to play, and win. Through organizational realignments, promotion and downsizing experienced leaders find themselves in leadership roles with changing territories, responsibilities and expectations.

In this intensive you will learn the benefits of connecting with your heart and leveraging your body’s intelligences to lead with greater ease and confidence. 

This program is ideally suited for:


  • Newly promoted leaders to support their first 100 days
  • Leaders with new roles and responsibilities
  • Those wanting to lead differently with greater ease and confidence
  • Any leader looking for an intensive program which combines e-learning, assessments, self-study and weekly integration coaching calls

Included in Your First 100 Days Intensive

  • Begins with a validated strengths assessment and debrief session
  • A 2-hour kick-off session where we set goals and define successes
  • Powerful E-learning lessons to introduce you to the Harmonic Leadership method
    • Communication, Body Intelligence, Your Inner Relationship, Establishing Trust, Improving Engagement & more
  • 10, weekly, 55-minute coaching integration calls around E-learning topics and your goals
  • Unlimited email and text support in between coaching sessions
  • Discovery exercises, self-assessments & recommended reading list
  • Unlimited document review
  • Ongoing team 360-degree feedback through a confidential feedback tool * for additional investment

The New Leader First 100 Days Intensive helps to improve leadership effectiveness as clients learn to leverage their body’s intelligence and make better decisions; sparing themselves time lost in indecision.

Gain clarity, restore balance and align with purpose to achieve your goals in these 100 days and beyond.

This program will generate immediate ROI and the awareness created remains for life, continuing the return on the investment. 

Lead with greater ease and confidence, when it’s most important, from the beginning.

This intensive is valued at $5777.00

Through March 31, 2024 only $5000.00

“Scott is a highly adaptable coach, and uses this skill to continually assess his client’s desired goals and the optimal path to success. Whether he is offering a starting point for discussion or simply commenting on an issue after patiently listening, the realizations offered by regular sessions are invaluable.”
–J. Larson, Finance Manager
Fairfax, VA USA

“Scott was a pleasure to work with; he had a good sense of humor and I appreciated the fact that he had a business background and encountered many of the issues I had. His suggestions were based on real life experiences, and those are the most useful type of suggestions in my opinion.
–Derek Pieper, Sr. Director, Grants & Foundation Relationships
Easter Seals
Washington, DC USA

“Scott is a fantastic coach and an accomplished leader himself. He coaches others to the leadership and vision that they are capable of. If you are looking for better results for your team, organization, or for yourself as the leader, Scott is the coach for you!”
–Karen Cappello, MCC
ICF Master Certified Coach
Tucson, AZ USA

“Before coaching with Scott, I was hiding as a leader. I didn’t know myself, therefore, my team didn’t know me. By working on improving communication skills  and listening, we’re building a much stronger team. I’m now more comfortable delegating, mentoring and engaging with my coworkers.”
–C. Chehab, General Manager South Region
Angoalissar, Luanda, Angola

“At first, I was unsure as to why you were focused on spending time developing the personal mission statement. But once developed, it really is an amazing tool that I use in every sector of my life quite often. I ask myself “Am I honoring my mission?” before I make a decision to spend time on something – personal or professional. Above and beyond the statement, which was a tool I have not had the opportunity to use before, my personal one-on-one time with you was the highlight.  Scott is very easy to talk to and has great listening skills. He not only listens well and is patient, but recalls themes and threads from previous discussions to advance the sessions and ensure that the time together is effective and useful. He empowers his clients to be pro-active, create the specific change they want in their lives and to make sure it aligns with their personal vision.
–B. Allen, VP Commercial Real Estate
Washington DC, USA

“Scott Masciarelli’s leadership coaching successfully took us through a corporate reorganization that allowed our company achieve a positive growth of 50%. Scott effectively implemented a plan of action to guide us through some very tough decisions, including an executive team reorganization, which challenged all of us. His role in identifying and reducing weaknesses was invaluable. Our company is a much stronger, more self-assured position because of Scott’s analysis, problem solving and coaching. As a business owner, I relied on Scott’s insight, perspective and overall guidance and coaching throughout the entire process. All allowed us to successfully grow, increase company revenue and tighten up our team to be even more successful and created a less chaotic more harmonious working environment.”

–Catherine Hagle, President & CEO
Connoisseur Travel Ltd., Washington, DC

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