The summer of 2020 is unlike any other. Gone are overseas vacations, baseball games, concerts, festivals and fairs, farmers markets and even going to the cinema. These are only a few activities that we may have had on our calendar and taken for granted in the past.

Instead of going somewhere and doing something, we’re finding more time to be with ourselves. I’m seeing many people starting to connect with themselves through soulful creation. In the last week, several have shared their unique efforts with me and as each does, what is evident is the excitement they feel. By slowing down, and not looking outside for something to fill their time, they are connecting with their creative potential. None planned this. The, shall we say, birthing happened naturally. It was an inspiring idea of, “let me try that again. Or, that sounds interesting.”

Whether it’s reconnecting with a long-forgotten talent or discovering something new, the common theme is the excitement each feels. From painting, growing food at home, writing a book, filming cooking videos and producing a rap song all these creative endeavors are filling their souls with tremendous joy. Each said they are more alive and energized than they can remember. They’re loving the newness in what they’re doing and some are finding this an enjoyable way to earn income after losing work due to the economic impact of COVID-19. There’s nothing more satisfying than turning passion into purpose. One person even said, “I’m almost disappointed that I still have a job as I really want to do this.”  To that I say, you can. Step by step.

In these months, have you been expressing your creativity? If so, tell us what you’re creating. If not, it’s never too late and maybe this will inspire you to explore your soulful creation.


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