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             Welcome! I’m Scott Masciarelli, a global coach who helps you achieve success on your terms.                   Clear Insights Coaching assists clients in developing their strengths and connecting with their most authentic self.  Did you know that the heart produces 60x the electricity produced by our brain? It’s true!

Our Leadership and Career coaching programs help  you leverage the power of your heart

for greater ease, impact and satisfaction in your life

Harmonic Leadership & Career Coaching

  • Are you ready to improve your team’s engagement and lead instead of manage?

  • Learn how to improve your ability to communicate, delegate, empower, manage priorities and drive performance.

  • Get ready to shift into a leader who is regarded as one who listens, supports, engages and inspires.

  • Have you reached the point where you are looking for meaning and purpose in your life and work?

  • End the discomfort of feeling that you should be doing something else; which pulls together your passion and purpose.
  • Clients seek a leadership coaching program to help them maximize their professional lives and thrive. While they come into this to improve professional performance, what most find is that they experience dramatic benefits in their personal life.  

  • Are you at that place in your career where you’re asking “what’s next?”  Our  Harmonic Career Coaching will help you answer the question; allowing you to design your most exciting and satisfying work.

  • Are you in a new leadership position or experiencing a changing role or responsibilities? The First 100 Days Leadership program is just what you need to support and guide you through this transition.

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Typical Client Results

  • Sense of balance and control due to better time management

  • An ease in navigating challenges and peace of mind through enhanced decision-making

  • Nail that interview and get the promotion!

  • Better employee engagement and team productivity

  • A new confidence and innovative approach to work

  • Increasing trust in your abilities as you step outside your comfort zone

  • Experience greater ease in leading through improved communication skills

  • Improved organizational profitability and results

What Are Clients Saying?

Leadership Coaching
Expatriate Coaching
Career Coaching
“Working with Scott was so easy and effective. He always pushed me to find the solutions to the situations and challenges I brought to the coaching sessions after deep thinking. He also accommodated my busy executive schedule which was very much appreciated. I highly recommend Scott’s executive level coaching services.”
Y. Goyal

New Delhi, India

“Scott is a very knowledgeable coach with incredible strong sensitivity for understanding my situation. He is an excellent listener and he continues to find ways of distilling true motivation and possibilities I did not see before. His way of communication is to the point and clear. He sets clear expectations and finds a good balance in gaining information as well as sharing ideas and making suggestions for improvement.”
S. Houwing

Seattle, WA

“Scott is a amazing coach. He guided me through the whole process of finding a job in a new area in a new country, from updating my resume to job interview preparation. While doing that, he naturally challenged me to find and describe my real passion and motivation, and what it is that I was truly looking for. Not only was I meticulously prepared at the time, I knew that the job was a 100% fit. Scott played a large role and I highly recommend his coaching.”
H. Liebrand

Boston, MA


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