Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching  

  • Could you benefit by improving time management and the relationship with your team?
  • Are you a successful executive but feel as though you have lost your identity?
  • Do you find yourself asking “what’s next?” for your career?
  • Are you the leader of a multi–cultural team or a global organization in transition?

For any of the above situations, I can help you become clearer, prioritize and make decisions faster thus avoiding overwhelm as you improve your effectiveness.

Expected Outcomes  

  • Awareness of what’s working and where change needs to be made to maintain peak performance.
  • Executive recovery and wellness by restoring identity, balance, and purpose to your life.
  • Greater team productivity, employee engagement, and improved relationships.
  • Reduced stress, improved focus and access to creative solutions which positively affect results.


Leadership Coaching from the Heart

Do you aspire to be a more effective and inspiring leader?

  • Is your organization experiencing a lack of productivity and engagment?
  • Have you inherited new responsibiliites and with those come challenges and limited support?
  • As a leader, you’re exhausted, working too many hours and know there must be an easier way.

Clear Insights Coaching assists executive clients in developing their personal and professional leadership competencies. Our leadership coaching programs place a high value on authenticity creating a deep understanding of you and enhancing your overall effectiveness and life satisfaction. All coaching programs have a holistic focus. Honoring all of who you are and are becoming.

This allows you to create success on your terms.

Clear Insights Coaching serves a global clientele with in-person and virtual coaching services including individual and group coaching programs, leadership training, VIP days and transformative experiences, Retreats and Adventures.

Many of our in-person coaching programs may involve time outside whether it’s a walk around the city or hike in the country. Bringing the balancing energy of nature into your coaching session creates a powerful environment for transformation and growth.

We can customize any coaching program to your preferred method of engagement.


The First 100 Days Leadership Program

This targeted leadership coaching program serves both newly promoted individuals and experienced leaders with changing roles and responsibilities. Your leadership experience is very similar to an adventure. Adventures are exciting, challenging and have periods of unknown, opportunities for celebration and require planning and strategy to succeed.

You face all of this and more everyday as a leader.

This leadership coaching program provides support when it’s most needed, at the beginning of a transition, during the first 100 days. 

When the rules of the game change you need someone who can help you strategize the best way to play, and win. Through organizational re-alignments, promotion and downsizing experienced leaders find themselves in leadership roles with changing territories, responsibilities and expectations.

The First 100 Days program features:

  • A two-hour kick-off session
  • 10, one hour coaching calls
  • Discovery exercises
  • A leadership assessment
  • Recommended reading list
  • Email and text support in between coaching sessions
  • All create a strong foundation of support ensuring success in the new role, in the First 100 Days


The First 100 Days Leadership Coaching Program helps to improve leadership effectiveness as clients learn to make better decisions thus sparing themselves the time lost in indecision. That leads to an immediate ROI and the awareness created remains for life, continuing the return on the investment.



                       “I’m passionate about your success as a leader.” ~ Scott Masciarelli

Testimonials about Executive and Leadership coaching

“Scott is a highly adaptable coach, and uses this skill to continually assess his client’s desired goals and the optimal path to success. Whether he is offering a starting point for discussion or simply commenting on an issue after patiently listening, the realizations offered by regular sessions are invaluable.”

J. Larson, Finance Manager

Fairfax, VA, USA

“During the coaching I have redefined my personal and professional brand, secured a consulting contract and a permanent leadership role.   More so than anything else I have learned that making the effort and the process of reaching out for assistance brings help in a lot of different ways.”

Z. Person, Director, International Business Dev.

Chicago, IL, USA

“Scott is a fantastic coach and an accomplished leader himself. He coaches others to the leadership and vision that they are capable of. If you are looking for better results for your team, organization, or for yourself as the leader, Scott is the coach for you!”

Karen Cappello, MCC

ICF Master Certified Coach

“Scott’s organizational ability and sensitivity toward cultural diversity cemented his success in creating strong, productive teams that work effectively toward goals and business objectives. Built on standard work and defined roles and responsibilities, Scott’s facilitation of team development, coaching and guidance fuels sustained success of individual and team achievements.”

S. Barker, QA Auditor

London, UK

At first, I was unsure as to why you were focused on spending time developing the personal mission statement. But once developed, it really is an amazing tool that I use in every sector of my life quite often. I ask myself “Am I honoring my mission?” before I make a decision to spend time on something – personal or professional. Above and beyond the statement, which was a tool I have not had the opportunity to use before, my personal one-on-one time with you was the highlight.  Scott is very easy to talk to and has great listening skills. He not only listens well and is patient, but recalls themes and threads from previous discussions to advance the sessions and ensure that the time together is effective and useful. He empowers his clients to be pro-active, create the specific change they want in their lives and to make sure it aligns with their personal vision.

B. Allen, VP Commercial

Washington, DC USA

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