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Education Vs. Experience Which Is Better?

As a hiring manager I recall interviewing several candidates who had impressive amounts of training, certificates and higher education. They usually excelled at the interview. The stumbling block was determining their value to the organization. Their transferrable...

The Four Commitments of My Expatriate Experience

Seated in the hotel restaurant, on the first day of my expatriate assignment in Kuwait, I was having breakfast with my new regional director. He gazed out the window at the Arabian Gulf and then turned to me. "Do you like sunshine?" Not knowing him well, I thought...

Getting Involved in the Big Expat World

"It is so big on the outside but the reality is that it feels very small on the inside." Said Raj who was describing how he feels after the first nine months of his expatriate assignment in the United States. Raj is from Delhi, India. His relocation came quickly and,...

Creating Your Personal Branding Statement

Picture this, you are a hiring manager and have a sea of resumes which have landed on your desk or inbox. These have been filtered by the HR department's talent management system after looking for certain keywords, phrases and points which they have identified as...

Two Key Steps for the New Expatriate

Embarking on the rewarding life as an expatriate is one which will likely bring you tremendous excitement and concern. Your mind is going to begin to fill will questions such as "what will the new place be like?" "Do I have to learn the language immediately?" These...


Transform Your Life – Book 2

This co-creative work is available in print, ebook, Kindle, and Nook versions. I am a contributing author to this book with a chapter on transformation through adventure. It is an exciting read with many stories and ideas which we can put into practice to create for transformation in our own lives.

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                                         52 Activities for Successful International Relocation

I am a contributing author to this work which is a singular source of relevant exercises designed to enhance the richness of international relocation for individuals and families. It features ready-to-use activities designed to augment information on the stages of cross-cultural transition and increase understanding of the relocation process while enriching the personal experience and organizational effectiveness of participants.

Available in print and Kindle.

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