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5 Insights to an Adventurous Life

Over the years I have worked with many clients who recognized that they needed to put some adventure into their lives. Each person was different; however they shared common themes of desiring excitement, increased energy and a chance to refresh. They could also be...

Travel Helps Reveal Our Own Beauty

Last week I returned from a weekend of learning and workshops in Jamaica at a 5-star resort. It was my first time on this lush, tropical island. The location could not have been more appealing - wow!  I mean, did I ever enjoy the resort’s...

Leading From The Heart

I am always amazed at how many companies will promote a person into a new leadership role without training or support. Having the title of supervisor, manager or director is very nice and the idea that the person is a leader even better, however, the sad reality is...

Loving Versus Liking What You Do

I recall this quote: "If you can be successful doing something you don't love, imagine how successful you can be doing something you love?" - author unknown. It has stayed with me because it is so true. When I reflect on my own career I related very well with this...

The Power of Silence in Retreat

Several years ago, I embarked on a transition which would become know as my life experience. I retired from a long corporate career and left behind not only work I knew for over 24 years but a work family, friends and lifestyle. The decision to take the early...

The First Three Months of Your Expatriate Adventure

Three months have passed since you have arrived in your host country. You have probably noticed that the time has passed very fast. This is the initial, honeymoon, period of your overseas move where everything is both new and exciting. You are making one discovery...


Transform Your Life – Book 2

This co-creative work is available in print, ebook, Kindle, and Nook versions. I am a contributing author to this book with a chapter on transformation through adventure. It is an exciting read with many stories and ideas which we can put into practice to create for transformation in our own lives.

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                                         52 Activities for Successful International Relocation

I am a contributing author to this work which is a singular source of relevant exercises designed to enhance the richness of international relocation for individuals and families. It features ready-to-use activities designed to augment information on the stages of cross-cultural transition and increase understanding of the relocation process while enriching the personal experience and organizational effectiveness of participants.

Available in print and Kindle.

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