Executive and Leadership Coaching

Last week I returned from a weekend of learning and workshops in Jamaica at a 5-star resort. It was my first time on this lush, tropical island. The location could not have been more appealing – wow!  I mean, did I ever enjoy the resort’s amenities, attentive staff, manicured grounds and the spectacular natural abundance of scenery, plants, flowers and birds. It was luxurious and very special.

After exploring the resort, the workshop participants were invited to “feel” our way toward the perfect location for the initial conversation on limiting beliefs. Amazingly, each of us was drawn to the same location. It was a small overwater cabana. To enter the cabana we removed our sandals and walked out into the thigh-deep, aqua water to climb up the steps. Can you imagine the beauty? It was so worth traveling all that way just for that moment! 

Once inside the cabana we looked around to savor the beauty of the location before beginning our exercises and conversation. The next couple of hours were a deeply transformative experience for each of us. Through reflection, drawing, writing and group sharing we became aware of what limiting beliefs were holding us back and devised a plan on how to move forward. Shedding beliefs that you hold you back at any time is liberating, but for each of us, something shook loose at an even deeper level, which I’m sure was due to the how the magnificent beauty of the space inspired each of us at a soul level. 

Beauty can do that to a person…being in the beauty of nature helps us see the beauty of our own nature. 

From the shedding of tears to the gentle smiles and quiet reflection, each person received exactly what they needed in that cabana. As the sun set we descended into the water feeling much like we had left a piece of us on the platform. We envisioned the water cleansing us and sensed the feeling of sand between our toes.  Our cabana was a safe place to share, establish commitments and leave behind those heavy topics. 

The conversations could have happened anywhere; however, what made it so perfect was the location. Each of us was drawn to the uniqueness of the cabana. It had been specially chosen because it was something out of the ordinary for each of us. This created an immediate shift of perspective. We allowed and embraced this making us fully open to receive the wisdom and benefits of our workshop. 

When doing the deeper transformative work that personal growth requires, location is so important and that is one of the wonderful aspects of being on a retreat. Each of us can find that special place where we want to spend a few moments in the morning or our most opportune time of the day to just enjoy the beauty the world offers us.

If you are looking for an opportunity to discover your inner beauty and the beauty of a spectacular region of the world, Join us for the Awakening Man 2.0, happening this June in the Sacred Valley of Peru. We welcome men and women ready to step into their highest potential and awaken their inner beauty.