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I have always embraced each and every opportunity and since a young age have aimed to live my life with a “no regrets” attitude. If I was to pick two words which resonate with me they are 1) adventure and 2) fun. For me it's important to always have something fun and exciting happening.  Ideally a fun, new adventure! 

Working for more than 24 years in a corporation, I learned many valuable things about leadership, people and developing a team. As I was embracing opportunities along the way I found myself working across the USA, in Latin America and finishing out my corporate career in the Middle East as an expatriate. It was an exciting time traveling around the world, learning to speak several languages and developing friendships which have become a very important part of my life. 

At the same time, I had a burning desire to increase my knowledge on topics which really interested me, not those that were directly related to work.  This led me to study psychology, business practices, leadership and development, coaching, personal finance and foreign languages. Often I didn't really understand why I wanted to study something; I just followed my intuition and did anyway not knowing if or how it would fit into a bigger picture.

The more I learned the more I became aware of who I was and where my natural talents laid. I also noticed that I began to fit less and less into the narrow scope of a corporate job description. Initially this was uncomfortable as I was asking "why do I feel this way?"  After time I was inspired to investigate how I could make a living honoring these diverse interests. At first glance one seemed not to have anything to do with the other. As I gave myself the permission to look with an open mind I began to see many possibilities.

This was only possible by my first making a commitment to honor my true (authentic) self which was I was inspired to do when I began working with a coach.  Through coaching, and coach training at International Coach Academy (ICA), I found the support and inspiration to retire from my corporate work and create a life with success on my terms that features adventure at the forefront. My professional life is now helping clients just like you uncover their passions and live authentically as they design a life with success on their terms.

Today I speak several languages, travel as often as possible and am passionate about helping you improve your personal and professional leadership skills as you maximize your own adventure.  This can take many directions. Wherever the focus is it's sure to be an exciting period of self-discovery and transformation.

As a coach, I am fascinated by what makes each one of us “tick” and thrive on deep conversations focusing on what is possible. I am intrigued by learning about what you want to accomplish and see you turn your best ideas into action. Partnering with you in success on your terms excites and energizes me.

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