"Scott is so present and listens at a deep level. His easy going style and supportive manner put me at ease right away, and his simple yet powerful questions led me to be better focused and clear about my business and my relationship. I am a better coach having experienced Scott's coaching." ~ Leonie de Picciotto, Los Angeles, CA (business coaching)

"Scott motivated me to get things done, and in the process, helped me to get crystal clear about what I want and why. He is wonderfully attuned to the present moment and to his client's needs, giving a full 100% to each every call. Scott elegantly and repeatedly brought me back to the here and now, and held the space for me consistently, especially when the process of personal growth felt uncomfortable. Thank you, Scott!" ~ Elitza – Houston, TX (personal leadership coaching)

Scott is a fantastic coach! He is not only an accomplished leader himself, but he also coaches others to the leadership and vision that they are capable of. If you are looking for better results for your team, organization, or for yourself as the leader, Scott is the coach for you!"
~ Karen Cappello, PCC, BCC, Tucson, Arizona (mentor coach)

"Scott has a tone that is both inviting, and commanding at the same time.  You feel comfortable with him, yet you know he’s in charge of the flow of the conversation as he keeps you focused on the goals of the session, and the subject(s) you wish to discuss.  Scott’s reflective questions are helpful to elicit emotion and thoughts that help you to move through the areas you wish to improve."
 ~ Nancy Costanzo, PA – (career coacching)

"Coaching with Scott has been a very rewarding process.  Scott helped me tremendously in the discovery process of myself by allowing me to recognize more of what I am doing and feeling and what I want to do with the clarity to determine where I want to go next. This is something which everyone should participate in multiple times in their life – especially during or after a major transition. I don't know why I never did this until now!"  ~ Ms. B – Washington, DC  career coaching)

"Scott helped me figure out what my strengths were and what I am passionate about. He did not tell me what I was thinking or wanting; he guided me so that I could come to those conclusions on my own. I enjoyed his "action plan" approach because he helped motivate me to take steps in the right direction. I will always be grateful for his guidance!" ~ Christina G., Washington, DC (career coaching)

"When I began coaching with Scott I knew that I wanted to "live up to my potential". Prior to coaching, I was an expatriate working in positions that I didn't really love. As we progressed I found the confidence to express more of myself on a regular basis which allowed me to see my talents and strengths. This awareness resulted in many professional achievements including a promotion.

Coaching with Scott has allowed me to see that change was possible. He encouraged me, held me close to my goals, supported me and kept me on track. I now have the confidence to explore more possibilities as I live up to my potential. Thank you!
~ S. Denford, Hawally, Kuwait (leadership and career coaching)

"Scott is a rock star! He is a great source of inspiration and guidance. His coaching helped me sharpen my listening skills and prepare for my job interview. During the interview, I felt focused and was able to respond to the role play questions in more prepared manner. Following the interview the debriefing was really useful. We discussed the interview and Scott helped me re-focus on my weak points."
~ F.R. Pagan,  Chicago, IL (career coaching)

"Scott's background in management and operations is valuable because he understands the process of changing a system, which is what a coaching client is really trying to do: change some part of their life system.  He made me feel like my goals were entirely possible. He thought more of me than I did of myself and helped me to see me the way he does. He is an amazing coach.”
~ Jill Gordon, Yoga Instructor, Vail, CO (career coaching)

"The best bit of the coaching has been going through the process of talking through my ideas and finding out what makes me me at a deeper level. I've let go of negative self-talk and anything else that clouds my judgment, limits my imagination, and keeps me from enjoying myself and my life." 
~ Grace C., Graduate Student, Pittsburgh, PA (career coaching)

"I find it that taking action is effortless and comes organically after the session since the clarity on the issues has become obvious. I was able to get clarity on patterns that remained unconscious for years."
~ Katia Vieria,  Miami, FL (business coaching) | Phone: 571 235-5805