Leadership & Executive

  • Are you a leader who could benefit by improving time management, performance and your team?
  • Are you a successful executive but feel as though you have lost your identity? 
  • Do you find yourself asking "what's next?" for your career?
  • Are you the leader of a multicultural team, a global organization in transition, expansion or a start-up?

For any of the above situations, we can help you become clear, prioritize, make decisions faster and avoid overwhelm as you improve your effectiveness.

"Working with Scott was so easy and effective. With so many years of experience, it is easy to go in advice mode however Scott always pushed me to find the solutions to the situations and challenges I brought to the coaching sessions after deep thinking. He also accomodated my busy executive schedule which was very much appreciated. I highly recommend Scott's executive level coaching services."  ~  Yash Goyal – Assistant Vice President, Finance

Expected Outcomes

  • Awareness of what's working and where changes need to be made to maintain peak performance in and outside of work.
  • Executive recovery and wellness helping to restore identity, balance and purpose to your life.
  • Greater team productivity, employee engagement and improved relationships.
  • Reduced stress, improved focus and access to creative solutions which positively affect results.

OFFER:  Click here to schedule a Getting Acquainted call to see how executive leadership coaching fits into your business and personal development plan. Or commit to learning more about you and reserve a 60 minute, perspective-shifting Discovery Session.


Leadership coaching100 day New Leader Program

This targeted executive leadership coaching program serves both newly promoted individuals as well as experienced leaders.

Anyone in new leadership roles often needs additional support and an objective perspective especially when they are in a new organization, role or position. This program ensures that the support is there when it's most needed, right at the beginning of a transition, during the first 100 days.

Experienced leaders find themselves in leadership roles with changing territories, responsibilities and expectations.  The 100 Day New Leader coaching program helps to improve leadership effectiveness as clients learn to make better decisions thus sparing themselves the time lost in indecision. That leads to an imediate ROI and the awareness created remains for life which keeps on returning on the investment.

This 100 day program features 10, one hour calls, discovery exercises, a leadership assessment, takeaways and a recommended reading list. All of which create the foundation of strong support leading to success in that new role.

OFFER:  Click here to schedule a Getting Acquainted call to learn more about the 100 Day New Leader program.