Expatriate Coaching

Expat coaching is foexpatriater those who do not want to be restricted by borders. This is for the new expatriate, expat family member, expat facing repatriation or anyone who has perpetual wanderlust. Our expatriate coaching programs are ideally suited for an expatriate or family member who is looking to maximize the assignment abroad as well as to prepare for the challenges that will come along with this exciting new lifestyle.

  • Are you a new or returning expat or expat family member?
  • Looking for the best ways to adjust to your new environment or ease repatriation challenges? 
  • Whether ​it's a temporary overseas assignment in your current position, or moving to a new country for a permanent position,​ we'll help you do that. 
  • We work with our clients on both the personal (adjustment, repatriation etc…) and professional levels (career search, resume, interviewing etc…)

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

We will look at the preparation for your international move, overcoming culture shock, settling into your assignment and expat life and then prepare for the eventual repatriation (sometimes even more challenging than the move overseas) or your next expatriate assignment. All expatriate coaching programs are completely customized to your individual needs.

OFFER:  Click here to schedule a Getting Acquainted call to see how coaching fits into your business and personal development plan. Or commit to learning more about you and reserve a 60 minute, perspective-shifting Discovery Session.

Expat Coach Association Coach of the Month

expatairplane "Scott is a very knowledgeable coach with incredible strong sensitivity for understanding my situation. He is an excellent listener and he continues to find ways of distilling true motivation and possibilities I did not see before. His way of communication is to the point and clear. He sets clear expectations and finds a good balance in gaining information as well as sharing ideas and making suggestions for improvement."   ~ S. Houwing, Expatriate, Seattle, WA

"Scott's ability to listen and guide through questioning is truly wonderful, I am grateful that I have had the experience to be coached by him. He's calm, insightful, relaxing and yet he helps in realizing and setting goals and keeping one on track."  ~ Neil Lott, Expatriate General Manager, Dubai, UAE

"Scott, I have good news. The interview went really well and I got the job! Thank you for all your support and coaching." ~ Kerstin Lie, Expatriate CRM, Los Angeles, CA

"He very often poses the right questions that lead me to find the right solutions and help me to clear up my ideas."  ~ Gonzalo Navarro, Expatriate Artist, www.gonzaloruiznavarro.com, Washington, DC

“I have learned through the coaching process that action creates confidence and is the best way for me to feel great. ~ Samer Tayar, Expatriate Manager, Kuwait City, Kuwait

"Scott genuinely wants you to achieve your 'greatness'.  He doesn’t influence you with his opinions but “pulls” your ideas from you so you can structure and process your feelings.  This approach allows the individual to tap into their inner self and sort through and determine what they really want and need to succeed."   ~ Diane Salvati, Corporate Trainer – Virginia, USA

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